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This site is the bridge to connect us to our community with a project to invest in the youth or in the children of Haiti..


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SHARE Is no longer a dream, day by day its become a reality because of our desire to do a very small difference in Gonaives Haiti and in our community of South Florida..


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Dessalines Joachim








I was being silent because I was waiting for the instructions of my Lord, on what he wants me  to do for the year 2013.He assures me that I’m able to move on with my project: SHARE .He reminds me that He did not give me any challenge that I can’t handle. And he promises me that, he will send me help when he feels that I need it .He asks me not to follow anyone but himself. And he give the serenity to work together with everyone whatever race ,color and religion. He offers me enough strength to help SHARE and any  other organization reaching this goal “GONAIVES AUTOUR D’UNE TABLE “.Because from there will emerge a great team of social  leaders whose decisions will positively impact our community.


Dessalines Joachim Gonaives




Today it is just a dream, but tomorrow it could be a reality . And this is a special idea . To create a social Fund For Haiti. Many could accept it or others could reject it, But it remains still a very good idea. It might not be too easy to understand but not too hard to try.

We just have no custom as Haitians to do different things or to accept new ideas. That is why in Haiti, we widely found these concepts among us..

For most of us Haitians, the best type of generator, is Honda. And all the other brands are no good

The best car, for most of us , is Toyota, the American's brands for most of us , are garbage

The copier machine we all want to use is canon, and even that we have not a single Canon technician .

When we came to any country the first city we step in, we intend to stay for the rest of our lives.

Even in Haiti, if you were born in a city , you have all the chances to die in that same place. And you rarely have to go to any another town . These concepts, made an impact on us as who we are and to the things we do as people .It is in our blood not to accept any type of changes easily .

Experiences and verbal expressions from most of us, made me believe : it is always difficult to bring or to make any change or to do anything different when related to Haitian.



Nos rêves et visons

Example A professional always states : I have been doing this for twenty years .But refuses to understand the possibility of doing it wrong for twenty years .. The Haitian professional does not believe there should be always room for improvement.

By saying all this. I ‘m not asking you to accept or to reject my idea, I always want you to be aware that opportunities are always there .And changes are easy and  possible.

Yes we can create a social fund due to the help of the internet We can reach HAITIANS all around the world to help motivate them to participate in that social program or in this mission to help Haiti for life. Once the project is being presented, we need to identify our social leaders and put them under one umbrella of an Internal foundation TO LEAD Haitian organizations and ask them for an annual contribution or a donation that can be deposited to Haiti’s account.

Let say you have an organization with its own objective, or belief, We are not asking you to change your direction it is OK with whatever you are doing, we only ask you in the name of your organization or foundation to give only a support to the SOCIAL FUNDS for Haiti



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Nos programmes

Nou dwe , ansanm repanse lekol, tout bon vre nan sosyete lakay,

kI se youn nan vre koz, ak rezon ki fe  nou tout  ap pase tray

Lekol  ta dwe ba nou  limye, pou ‘n ka we , menm nan fe nwa.

Lekol ta dwe, kouran la vi nou tout ,

 ta dwe  ran nou vinn pi fo                                                         

Lekol ta dwe yon enstriman, pou nou  mezire konpetans nou.

 Yon reg pou ede nou  kontrole diferans ak richess lakay  nou.

Li ta dwe  yon bousol pou oryante, desizyon nap pran nan la vi nou

Lekol ta dwe yon guid pou sensibilize, chak grenn nan nou,

Yon leson pou  motive la vi , sou kel ke swa fom , la kay nou

Yon ba direksyon pou dirije ak kontrole tout   la vi’nou.

Se sel lekol ki  fe nou gen  sans e ki ede nou pran konsyans.


 Jody-a Lekol , se kle ki femen tout pot relasyon nou,

 Nou itilize lekol, kom  kle pou devyse boulon mote la vi nou.

Enstriman pou mezyre  febles, ak  konpetans  nou .

Gras a lekol nou rekonet  , nou pa kamarad yon ak lot.

Lekol ran nou divize,menm le nou soti nan yon sel fanmi.

Malgre tout klass ke nou fe, Se kom si nou pat ale lekol.


Se paske lekol , lakay pa janm jwenn definisyon li merite

Se sel enstitisyon, ki la pou fome moun,ki pa vle viv tankou bet

Se sel so la viktwa, sou l’inyorans. Se limye, sou tout fos nwa

Se bwat sekre la vi-a, Se sous dlo larivye ki pote lespwa

Lekol se senbol lybete,Sel garanti la vi pou yon demen miyo.



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