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  • Our mission requires us to make  big  sacrifices so we could feed as many children as possible. For that we take our vision to a national level. After  realizing  that most organizations usually created in Haiti, were  only meant te be just for the city or the area where it was properly  lunched. And truly , this is a cultural approach that keep us all  divided. And as I discovered that a lot of us have seen Haiti only accordingly  to their backyard.

  • In order to help changing that mentality, we currently deployed SHARE,  to other Department or cities such as Port-Au -Prince, Leogane, Miragoane, and Gonaives.

Societe Haitienne


But as the time passed   by, our followers realized  that we have many wonderful program  based on  Education, Civism, Sport, Social and cultural .We also offer a new model of inter action among the children of different cities. Fallow with a mentorship and parenthood program as well as   create  a better relation between the diaspora and the local residents of Haiti.

We call events, the types of activities that we have created accordingly to the occasions, the possibility, and the funds that have collected

One great thing about our active members. They are always prepared to deliver whatever the time limit. '
Due to the complexity of the Society, we never inform the public in advance about our events.
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