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Second Activity of Fundraising

The second official activity of SHARE USA , was  from the decision of Having our first Fundraising event in Miami on November 17Th 2017. And  we raised up to  the amount of $2655.US dollars enough to cover the expenses for that event. 

From these donors : Dr Joachim Joseph Benoit,Dr Arold Augustin, Joel Olivier Dr Evans Michel Dorval, Joceline Dervil, Dr Anel Monrose, Mr Robinson Raymonville,Blondine Supreme,Joachim Jeffrey ,Grace Dossous,Regine Jean Baptiste Mondee, Dazulma Sandra, Carmelle Casimir, Dieuseul Jonathas, Carole Jean Baptiste, Jean Moise, Jonathas Murat, Mme Chesnel Phanord, Jacques Ebel Raphael
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