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After a long standing and friendly relation with Mr Delice Gardinal a proper citizen of Leogane. We manage to engage him in grouping a number of children that he will voluntarily be able to share our program with.

Michelda  Toussaint

Ozela Toussaint

Civil Barlene

Shnaider Leriseme

Sully Phanelson

Jadeline Toussaint

Wadson Grabat

Joseph Wilgens

Dorce Woodkinsky

Bien Aime Wadner Love

Belony Steevenson

Francesca Fleuranvil

Christian Barly Board

To make this movement successful you could either  donate directly to us

.otherwise  to any of our coaches that we give credit for. Hoping they will follow

our philosophy of giving to the children a minimum of what they have got, what they give them or what they have.

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The main idea  of sharing our minimum to these children does not only mean that we only feed them . Most of all , we organize ourselves in a proper way as an institution of volunteers who are working together in order to offer them the best of our knowledge, in these following aspects.

a) Sponsorship


c)Civism and Hygiene 

d) Society

e)Sport& culture

Let us all be clear, we are not directly responsible for any of these children. They are living with their

parents. We are only coaching them, using our guidance,coaches, thecnics and principles that will help them all become a much better citizen

Francois Joachim
Delice Gardinal
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